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About Abakkus Emerging Opportunities

Incepted in the year 2020, Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Portfolio has been one of the best-performing funds in India. Abakkus Emerging Opportunities invests in fundamentally sound concepts chosen using a bottom-up methodology. The investment managers at Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Portfolio follow the 15:15:15 approach. Here, they aim to invest in businesses having at least two out of three criteria.
ROE >15%
Earnings Growth >15%
P/E Ratio < 15

Fund Managers

Sunil Singhania

Mr. Sunil Singhania is the founder of Abakkus Asset Management. He was previously a Global Head of Equities at Reliance Capital Ltd. Under Singhania’s direction, the Reliance Growth Fund increased by more than 100 times in less than 22 years. He is also the first person from India to be elected to the CFA Institute Board of Governors.

Aman Chowhan

Aman Chowhan is an MBA graduate of Mumbai University. Aman has over 17 years of experience in the Indian equity market. Before joining Abakkus, he worked for Reliance Asset Management’s PMS branch as the Portfolio Manager for all local and offshore schemes.

Deven Sangoi

Deven Sangoi is Senior Fund Manager at Abakkus. He has experience of 22 years on the asset management side, out of which 10 years in the mutual funds space and 12 years in the insurance industry. He was Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Canara HSBC OBC life, managing both Equity and Fixed Income with a corpus of around USD 4 bn (INR 25,000 Cr).

Performance of the Abakkus PMS over the last 5 years in Navigating Volatile Markets

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

Abakkus All Cap Approach

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: October 29, 2020
Multi Cap
1,865 Strategy -1.60 3.70 11.50 44.90 19.90 25.80 NA NA 33.00
NIFTY50 0.90 4.50 17.40 40.20 17.80 19.30 NA NA 25.70

Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Approach

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Aug-20
Small Cap
1,430 Strategy -2.40 -2.90 6.10 51.20 21.40 29.40 NA NA 36.10
BSE SmallCap 250 0.90 4.50 17.40 40.20 17.80 19.30 NA NA 24.80

Abakkus Growth Fund - 1

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Jul-18
long only
450 Strategy 3.50 1.80 18.10 29.40 10.80 27.60 21.40 NA 20.80
S&P BSE 200 6.60 5.60 11.70 9.70 9.80 17.60 14.00 NA 12.50

Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund 

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Nov-21
long only
500 Strategy 8.10 6.30 31.40 49.30 20.60 41.30 NA NA 37.80
S&P BSE 500 6.90 5.90 13.50 11.90 10.50 18.70 NA NA 14.70

Abakkus Growth Fund - 2

AMC Name: Abakkus Inc Date: Jul-18
long only
450 Strategy 7.70 5.90 19.90 25.80 21.70 NA NA NA 20.80
S&P BSE 200 6.60 5.60 11.70 9.70 9.80 NA NA NA 6.80

How To Identify Companies In Early Stage?

SpeakerMr. Sunil Singhania (Founder & Abakkus Asset Management)
HostVikas Agrawal (AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt Ltd.)

SpeakerMr. Sunil Singhania (Founder & Abakkus Asset Management)
HostVikas Agrawal (AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt Ltd.)

Why AIF & PMS Experts ?

AIF & PMS Experts India is a channel partner for Abakkus Emerging Opportunities Fund Portfolio . Choosing AIF & PMS Experts means embracing a proven framework that defies market unpredictability. The bouquets of AIF-PMS funds are tailored for various risk appetites; our unified approach caters to aggressive, moderate, and conservative investors but is driven by one solid process. With belief in our time-tested process, success becomes a shared journey.

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Process-driven returns

Invest with confidence in our proven process, as we meticulously follow a robust framework for selecting fund managers and portfolios of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Funds. We refer to it as the 3Is of investing, where we add the third ‘I’ (eye) of scrutiny, focusing on Investment Manager Style, Investment Portfolio Quality, and Investment Performance Consistency.

Investment Style: Clear, adaptable strategies aligned with investor goals, crucial for navigating market fluctuations and capitalizing on opportunities.
Investment Quality: Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations.
Investment Performance: Emphasizing consistent, risk-adjusted returns, and effective drawdown management to achieve long-term growth while preserving capital.

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