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Green Lantern Capital LLP

Green Lantern Capital LLP is a portfolio management firm that is SEBI-registered and proudly situated in Mumbai, India. Green Lantern Capital is our effort to generate long-term wealth for all of our stakeholders through a research-driven, disciplined approach to investing. Green Lantern Capital growth fund expertise is in discovering high-quality business franchises operated by great management teams that can expand quicker and for a longer period!

Fund Managers

Nliesh Doshi

Nilesh is a technocrat, engineer, and researcher at heart. Nilesh has over 30 years of work experience under his belt working for some of the best companies in the industry.

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Abhishek Bhardwaj is a chartered accountant with an experience of 19 years in equities market. He had AUM of US $300 million at Star Union Daiichi Life Insurance.

Performance of the Green Capital Growth Fund over the last 5 years in Navigating Volatile Markets

Product - AMC Category AUM (in Cr.) Performance 1M 3M 6M 1Y 2Y 3Y 5Y 10Y SI

Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund

AMC Name: Green Lantern Capital LLP Inc Date: 12/8/17
Small Cap
200.95 Strategy 5.59 20.63 51.74 84.74 46.04 59.06 35.04 NA 23.79
S&P BSE SmallCap 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.15 20.41 17.63 NA 14.75

Green Lantern Capital Alpha Fund

AMC Name: Green Lantern Capital LLP Inc Date: 2/13/20
Multi Cap
7.51 Strategy 7.25 20.09 41.76 64.63 37.02 38.84 NA NA 39.95
BSE 500 8.03 12.35 18.51 26.55 15.15 20.41 NA NA 20.05

Navigating Market Trends The Green Lantern Way

SpeakerNilesh Doshi (CEO & Managing Partner of Green Lantern Capital)
HostVikas Agrawal (AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt Ltd.)

SpeakerNilesh Doshi (CEO & Managing Partner of Green Lantern Capital)
HostVikas Agrawal (AIF & PMS Experts India Pvt Ltd.)

Why AIF & PMS Experts ?

AIF & PMS Experts India is a channel partner for Green Lantern Capital Growth Fund. Choosing AIF & PMS Experts means embracing a proven framework that defies market unpredictability. The bouquets of AIF-PMS funds are tailored for various risk appetites; our unified approach caters to aggressive, moderate, and conservative investors but is driven by one solid process. With belief in our time-tested process, success becomes a shared journey.

Over 275 investors have invested in our process

Over 475 crores have been invested using our process

Trusted by investors across 6 countries

Over 15,000 investors use our tools before deciding to invest

Process-driven returns

Invest with confidence in our proven process, as we meticulously follow a robust framework for selecting fund managers and portfolios of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Funds. We refer to it as the 3Is of investing, where we add the third ā€˜Iā€™ (eye) of scrutiny, focusing on Investment Manager Style, Investment Portfolio Quality, and Investment Performance Consistency.

Investment Style: Clear, adaptable strategies aligned with investor goals, crucial for navigating market fluctuations and capitalizing on opportunities.
Investment Quality: Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations.
Investment Performance: Emphasizing consistent, risk-adjusted returns, and effective drawdown management to achieve long-term growth while preserving capital.

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